Being family owned, operated, and serving the same area for 30 years has its perks over your "average" jewelry stores.  Not only is our outlook of satisfying our customers more genuine than those trying to earn "commissions,"  we also have more interesting and curious pieces in stock.  Over the years, we have collected such an array of vintage and more rare pieces, that we have an entire section of our storefront dedicated to this collection.  We have everything from the "trendy" to the most "unusual," and "modern" to "vintage."  So, even if you are not in the market to purchase anything at the moment, you are still more than welcome to stop by, say "hi", and observe this most interesting collection.

"A real treat for those who appreciate quality and beautiful jewelry.....I'm glad I found this treasure of a store..."

......and yes, FREE LAY-A-WAY is available.  See stores for details.

"A gorgeous, visual display of history..."

Modern & Vintage Jewelry

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